Volume-7, Number - 1  
Month: January - June, 2011

A few implications: Cultural Dimensions of Societal Competitive Advantage

Gita Surie*
Vipin Gupta**

* Adelphi University, New York-USA
** Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts-USA

Page No. 20

Purpose/Aim: In emerging stream of research has identified culture to be a key factor in the economic and business processes. Specifically, Franke, Hofstede, and Bond (1991) showed a relationship between two cultural dimensions Individualism and Confucian dynamism as positive influencers on economic growth. More recently, Ashkanasy, Gupta, Mayfield, and Trevor-Roberts (2004) observed, “Future orientation involves taking a long-term perspective that includes recognition of how history and tradition define opportunities and capabilities for the future. Low future orientation, on the other hand, induces societies to emphasize only on their immediate concerns.”