Volume-7, Number - 1  
Month: January - June, 2011
Book Review

Pooja Sharma,

BBDIT Ghaziabad
Page No. 107

Purpose/Aim: The Seven habits of highly effective people, written by Dr. Stephen. R.Covery is a remarkable blueprint of inspirational and aspirational standards for any one who seeks to live a full, powerful, peaceful victorious life based on character ethics rather than personality ethics.

Methodology/Approach : The book is not merely a collection of 7 habits containing sermons by any sophisticated preacher who is more interested in watching spread of his cooked ideas.

Findings/Conclusion: Rather the book ensures a complete 360-degree paradigm shift in the mind of or readers and helping them to win a personality U-turn from inside out.

Keywords: The values in the book are full of integrity and humanity and contrast strongly with the process based ideologies that characterized management thinking in earlier times and that is the real theme of the book-Character based ethics VS Personality-based ethics.