Volume-7, Number - 1  
Month: January - June, 2011
Consumer Behaviour Towards TV - A Study of Women Consumers in Districts of North Karnataka

A S Shiralashetti
Karnatak University P G Centre, Gadag-Karnataka

S S Hugar
Karnatak University, Dharwad

Page No. 30

Purpose/Aim: The main aim of marketing management is to identify the needs and wants of consumers and delivers the products at the right place, right time and right form to satisfy them.

Methodology/Approach :The understanding of consumers' needs and wants is comparatively easier understand the behaviour of consumers.

Findings/Conclusion: The ways through which the consumers satisfy their needs and wants are purely based on their behaviour, which has always been complex in nature. Thus, the consumers' behaviour is something difficult to manage easily.

Keywords: The management of behaviour of consumer requiers special skills on the part of marketing management.