Volume-7, Number - 1  
Month: January - June, 2011
Illiteracy : Assessment of Reality at Grass Root Level

Rushina Singhi
Upasana Kumari
Amity Business School, Noida - UP
Page No. 60

Purpose/Aim: India has been ranked 132nd among 179 countries in the latest ranking of "human Development Index" by UNDP. Low literacy level is one of the biggest reasons behind such a grim position of India. Most of the nations of world have accpeted literacy as not only a basic need rather a human right central to the process of development.

Methodology/Approach :A pioneer example to this is China, both India & China has been making efforts to move towards internationally active market oriented economy. While China has attained massive success, same has filed to occur in India.

Findings/Conclusion: Reason is diifference in literacy level of the two countries.

Keywords: When China turned to marketization in 1979, it already had literate people, with good schooling facilities across the bulk of the country while India had lalf illiterate population in 1991 and the situation has not much improved today.