Volume-7, Number - 1  
Month: January - June, 2011
Sales Promotion Tactics in Retailing: Fair vs Unfair
Babita Singla & Manish Bansal,
Baba Farid College of Management and Technology, Bathinda, PB

Page No. 1

Purpose/Aim: This paper discusses the concept that how the facts are twisted in the advertisements and promotions. What is the effect of this untruthfUl advertising on the customers /visitors? And various laws related to this behavior of marketers.

Methodology/Approach : For conducting the research, the author conducted a survey in the market of Bathinda and interacted with the customers shopping at various retail outlets and shopping malls in the city.

Findings/Conclusion: The customer in todays times has become very informative and intelligent. Todays customer evaluates the pros and cons of every offering I scheme available in the market before making the final purchase decision. Customer develop positive attitudes about the firm, its product 7 its services only when its (firm) system and retailer behaves ethically. As our economic system has become more successfUl in identifying &folfilling the needs and wants, their has been greater focus on retailers to adhere to words ethical values.

Keywords: Channel Partner; Promotion Tactics, Moral conduct, UntruthfUl advertising