Volume-7, Number - 2  
Month: July - December, 2011

A Study on Awareness of Hospital Waste management in Mumbai
Rajiv M Gupte,
MET Institute of Management,
Mumbai - MH

B K Mukherjee & S C Panandikar,
Balaji Institute of Management,
Pune - MH

Page No. 133

Purpose/Aim: Out of the total waste that the hospitals generate, hardly over 1% of waste is hazardeous or infectious. But, when it is not segregated at source, it makes the entire waste contaminated and dangerous. In this paper, the authors have studies the awareness level amongst the staff memebers, exposed and susceptible to infectious from hospital waste.

Methodology/Approach : Awareness scale is developed, standardized and administered to various staff levels in the hospitals in Mumbai. ANNOVA is developed and the hypotheses are tested.

Findings/Conclusion: Hospitals in Mumbai claim to have best of the facilities when it comes to diagnosis and treating the waste that they generate, they lag a lot behind. In concluding the paper, suggestions are given to bridge the gap between awarness-attitude and behaviour of medical professionals.

Keywords: Hospitals, Waste Management, Awareness-Attitude, Bio-Medical, Professional Behaviour.