Volume-7, Number - 2  
Month: July - December, 2011
Integrated Eco Efficient Energy Model to control Energy Expenditure of Star  Hotel
 Navita Nathani, Jaspreet Kaur & Shweta Dani
 Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior - MP

Page No. 123

Purpose/Aim: In this article comparative energy consumption of the different department of a star category hotel has studied in details, Subsequently the integrated energy eco-efficiency energy model was applied in addition to collected data has been analyzed by critical success factor(CSF). A noticeable difference has been obserbed in the energy consumption in energy audit.

Methodology/Approach : Primary and secondary data collection, critical success factor findings and use of SPSS.

Findings/Conclusion: The star category hotels use as well as waste huge amount of energy. It require an immediate action. The merit of the study fabricated in conception and appliance of an integrated eco-efficient energy model which will be further sustaiable in nature. Application of this model will be advantageous to trim down green house gas effect by reducing energy expenditure as well as to create green globe.

Keywords: Eco-Efficiency, Energy Management, Star-Hotel, Environmentally-Sound Technologies, Crtical Success Factors.