Volume-7, Number - 2  
Month: July - December, 2011
Regional Development through Cultural Tourism in Jalisco
José G Vargas,
University of Guadalajara,
Jalisco - Maxico

Page No. 163

Purpose/Aim: This study aims to propose a normative model to determin the potential of cultural tourism in the municipalities that comprise the region 6 of the State of Jalisco, territorially delimited in the South of Jalisco.

Methodology/Approach : After reviewing the literature and a normative model is proposed to conduct an analysis of cultural tourism to discuss and establish the potential target market in the Southern region of Jalisco.

Findings/Conclusion: The use of a normative analysis approach is a valuable framework to design tools for planning and operation of sustainable cultural and heritage tourism. The normative model proves to be useful for development strategies.

Keywords: Regional Development, Tourism Companies, Southern Jalisco, Cultural Tourism.