Recent watchword of 'Digital India' given by people's Hon'ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi to India has shown the necessity of doing so, if we seek to place India as economically strong and technologically advanced country in the world. But question arise that whether the economic stability of India can also prosper the people of rest of the world and fade the line of discrimination between the developed and developing countries. My Answer is positive. Second, Do India competitiveness matters to all of us. Again answer is yes. That's why the world wants India to regain its vibrancy. Let's stop assigning blame and instead focus on solutions. We are the country of almost 125 Crore People in which every person is capable and competent, if directed and guided properly. Think if the power of these Indian Citizens could be channelized, what revolutionary transformation could be brought to our world. As a true intellectual citizen of India, we need to begin taking real action now, Obviously, only the best-trained workforce will make India faster, better and more competitive over the long term
Now coming towards yours beloved Journal, I feel immense pleasure to put before you the Vol. 8 No. 2 of Knowledge Hub- an International Journal of Management encompassing few of scholastic researches, covering the facets of still untouched areas. Glancing back though the passage of past eight years, I can firmly say that now continuously growing visibility, coupled with a meaningful distribution of this International Journal to different niches of erudite readers vividly speaks of our commendable commitment The Journal, indeed, deserves profuse greetings for its matured scholastic contributions in this regard.
The thematic biography of the contour of the intellectual masterpieces, this new issue is brimmed with - Luxury Market Segmentation in India: An Empirical Approach in which aim to segment young consumers in terms of belief parameters to segment Indian young consumers, Impact of Satisfaction on Employee Performance in Axis Bank, presents study of the impact of satisfaction on employee performance. The paper attempts to study the attitude of employees toward their work, job security and their work life management while in the paper Opportunity Analysis of Plasma Replacement Fluids authors attempts to analyze availability of different volumes, packaging, major brand names etc of Plasma Replacement Fluids and analyze through various clinics that provide this medical fluid.
In the same way the paper Intervention of Relationship Inertia and Switching Cost on CRM Dimensional Performance - proposes and justifies a customer satisfaction - customer retention model in a CRM ecosystem with an insight into the probable impact of moderating variables namely relationship inertia and switching cost. On the other hand paper titled Measuring Supply Chain Performance in Engineering Industry reveals that supply chain performance is an important tool available for the companies to bench mark their performance with best-in-class companies. The companies that adopted strategies such as integration, joint venture, alliances, merger and acquisitions had performed better than their competitors.
All these thought provoking researches individually carry a unique cerebral potential and are expected to make a foray in their respective academic corridors. Appreciating the surging significance of knowledge in a metamorphosed economic order KH has always tried to remain honest in bringing a fruitful exchange of thoughts and ideas for the needful cross fertilization among the learning community in a true epigenetic way. The editorial Board strives for an apotheosis in excellence in the area and would like to hereby extend its sincere gratefulness to all the contributors. We ardently seek a similar sanguine gesture from all our stakeholders in realizing the goals set before KH.
I wind up with warm wishes and promise to keep bringing the best of the researches to our adored readers in the coming issues of KH.

Dr Meenu Gupta