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 Volume-7, Number - 2  
Month: July - December, 2011
Microstructure and Stock Returns Predictions
 Navita Nathani, Jaspreet Kaur & Shweta Dani
 Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior - MP
Page No. 114
Integrated Eco Efficient Energy Model to control Energy Expenditure of Star  Hotel
Bipasa Ghosh & Dhiman Kanti Mridha,
NSHM Knowledge Campus,
Durgapur - WB
Page No. 123

A Study on Awareness of Hospital Waste management in Mumbai
Rajiv M Gupte,
MET Institute of Management,
Mumbai - MH

B K Mukherjee & S C Panandikar,
Balaji Institute of Management,
Pune - MH

Page No. 133
A Study on Role Ambiguity and Role Conflict on Employee Creativity
D Chitra & V Mahalakshmi,
Panimalar Engineering College,
Bangalore - TN
Page No. 148
Regional Development through Cultural Tourism in Jalisco
José G Vargas,
University of Guadalajara,
Jalisco - Maxico
Page No. 163

Teacher Multi-Tasking Isn't it a cannibalizing strategy
Purna Prabhakar Nandamuri,
IBS, IFHE University,
Hyderabad - AP

K V Rao,
Acharya Nagarjuna University,
Guntur - AP

Page No. 181
Book Review
Rohit Dahiya,
G L Bajaj Group of Institutions,
Mathura, UP
Page No. 189