Volume-8, Number - 2  
Month: July - December, 2011

Luxury Market Segmentation in India An Empirical Approach
Goutam Saha, B B Jena & Amit Das
National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhubaneswar
Mumbai - MH

Page No. 133

Purpose/Aim : The Purpose of this research is to segment young consumers in terms of belief parameters to segment Indian young consumers.

Methodology/Approach : 110 young Indian people have been selected as sample through snowball sampling. We used Cluster Analysis through Euclidean distance matrix with Hierarchical Agglomerative technique for measuring distances between objects being clustered.

Findings/Conclusion: We identified four distinguished segments of young Indian consumers based on their attitudes and beliefs towards luxury brands. It may be useful for luxury brand marketers and scholars.

Keywords: Luxury Brand, Segmentation, Indian Market, Young Consumer