Volume-8, Number - 2  
Month: July - December, 2011

Measuring Supply Chain Performance In Engineering Industry
C Sengottuvelu
SCMS Cochin School of Business, Cochin-India

Page No. 133

Purpose/Aim : The purpose of this study is to measure the Supply Chain performance in selected companies in Engineering Industry by using SCOR Level-1 metrics covering cycle time, cost, assets and quality.

Methodology/Approach : The study was exploratory in nature during initial phase which focuses on primary data and descriptive in nature in the final phase comparing the results with previous study. The research instrument consisted of a structured questionnaire consisted of 23 statements related to the performance measurements metrics, business profile of the company, better practices and systems that are followed in the company. Ratio scale was used to capture the data. The 17 companies were selected from the data base of IIMM in engineering industry covering all regions of India.

Findings/Conclusion: The study revealed that supply chain performance is an important tool available for the companies to bench mark their performance with best-in-class companies. The companies that adopted strategies such as integration, joint venture, alliances, merger and acquisitions had performed better than their competitors. The companies that sourced the inputs from nearby operations and implemented IT tools such as GPS, RFID etc were able to achieve better performance.

Keywords: Supply chain management, performance metrics, engineering industry, bench marking.