Volume-8, Number - 2  
Month: July - December, 2011

Opportunity Analysis of Plasma Replacement Fluids
Bhawna Sharma and J K Sharma
Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida

Page No. 133

Purpose/Aim : The clinical research studies have failed to deduce the most appropriate PVR fluid for administration during trauma or severely injured patients. For some cases colloids are beneficial and for some other cases crystalloids. Since there are very few leading healthcare companies manufacturing the plasma volume replacement fluids in India, there exists a need of opportunity analysis by these organizations in order to estimate the right demand of such treatment therapies.

Methodology/Approach : Opportunity analysis is a tool to analyze the factors affecting the demand of the product leading to assess its profitability in a given market. In this paper an attempt has been made to analyze availability of different volumes, packaging, major brand names etc.

Findings/Conclusion: It has been found that there lies gap between the demand and right supply of these treatment therapies. Some suggestion are listed in the opportunity assessed section to fill this gap.

Keywords: Plasma Volume Replacement fluid, Haemo-dynamic monitoring, Haemodynamic, Hypovolemic shock, Cardiogenic shock, Distributive shock, Colloid oncotic pressure, hyperchloraemic, Randomized controlled trials , opportunity analysis.